Findlay Room

FINDLAY ROOM-Infant Toddler (under 36 months) Program 

Water is life and The Village of Canal Flats would not exist without the lifeblood that courses through our valley within the gold speckled banks of Findlay Creek; flowing from the west into the Kootenay River, ancestral home of the Ktunaxa, and The Columbia River that is birthed from the earth, emerging through our captivatingly beautiful wetlands of Columbia Lake. This is why our Program Rooms are named after these life-sustaining water ways that contribute so much to our history, our present and our future.

The Findlay Room Infant Toddler Program is where our daycare adventure begins, commencing the settlement of our valley, as legend claims that discovery of gold in 1863 on the creek by the Findlay Boys is what kicked off the Wild Horse River Gold Rush, when they were forced to explore further upon returning to mine and found a frozen Findlay with difficult to reach gold deposits. Small, yet mighty, capable of carving through any obstacle given enough time, the youngest of children in our care are sparkling with specks of golden potential, malleable and ready to be discovered, polished, and refined.